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I make $500 a month from adsense... and keep none.Sep 3, 13 5pm

On any given month, I make an average of $500 from Google Adsense alone. This type of "passive income" is supposed to be free money, right. Right. That's what all the internet told me. Well, I did a little investigating to see where it all really goes, and I'm finding that, well, it gets eaten by the expenses monster.

More convention stuff.Aug 24, 13 1am

This year's Meta Con is going to be one of the coolest geek conventions ever organized. With guests like Billy West and Eric Roberts, we're expecting it to turn out pretty awesome. We've got new signs for every panel/event room, and I just ordered a bunch of stands to put them on.

More website optimizing for RailsAug 23, 13 6am

I updated a little more code on most of my websites today, hopefully making them another 3-4% faster. The number one optimization for 90% of websites doesn't involve complex fine-tuning of the database, but instead fixing bad code.

Optimizing MySQLAug 20, 13 4pm

Aside from part-time robot engineer, convention organizer, and a billion other things, I'm also sometimes a DBA (database administrator). It's a big deal. Walk into a Vegas casino, tell them you're a DBA, and see the looks you get.

Replace bad drivers with robots.Aug 13, 13 7pm

Bad and thoughtless driving literally slows everyone else on the road down. Bad and inattentive drivers who drive in the wrong line, talk on cellphones, and don't pay attention to the road should have their license revoked.

More Power RangersAug 3, 13 9pm

I'm excited that another power ranger will be coming back to Meta Con in a few weeks. Michael Copon, also star in One Tree Hill, will be coming back with friends and fellow rangers Nakia Burrise and Jason Faunt.

Mind control devices.Jul 31, 13 3pm

Researchers at a Harvard research laboratory announced earlier today that they have seen the first successes with mind control technology. Obviously this research lab is funded in part by a Ryan Kopf world domination grant.

Rasberry Pi LCD Vesa-Mounted ScreensJul 31, 13 2pm

I got a raspberry pi today, and, no, I don't mean from McDonald's. I mean the tiny microcomputer that fits in your hand and costs less than $40. These little machines can run linux and do almost anything you want them to - albeit slowly, for obvious reasons.

The IT CrowdJul 30, 13 6pm

I think I watched all of The IT Crowd for the second time this week, all while programming for my con registration system. Sometimes you just need some (hilarious) background noise to be able to focus, you know.

Supporting GeeksJul 20, 13 3pm

For those who don't know, we love to support geeks and Otaku of all kinds.
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