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Space Create Takadanobaba - Jiyu KukanMar 17, 10am

There's a rather huge cybercafe in Takadanobaba called Jiyu Kukan, jiqoo.jp, which is rather hard to discover unless someone has introduced you to the place. Each Jiyu seems to have computers for internet, computers for video games, billiards, and dart boards.

Cosplay event in Tokyo, IkebukuroNov 3, 1am

Finally found a cosplay event in Tokyo that I happen to be here for. A lot of people already know about Comiket and Anime Japan, but for the first time I found an event that seems to be all about cosplay cosplay cosplay.

Con Alt Delete 2017Sep 11, 12am

I'm very excited for the upcoming Con Alt Delete. CAD is a great way to end the year every year, and has really changed the holiday season for a lot of people by adding COSPLAY and FUN to all the stress of shopping and gift giving.

Kanpai! OmahaFeb 14, 10am

We were proud to have a fun and exciting weekend in Omaha, Nebraska at Kanpai. Con. We had hundreds of anime fans join us for the first ever "AnimeCon.org":http://animecon.org convention in Nebraska, and we hope to do it again.

Watch Inauguration Parade Announcer at the Women's March on WashingtonJan 21, 6pm

Charles Brotman has announced at every Presidential inaugural parade since Eisenhower in 1957, and expected to do so once again this year. Until he was fired by Trump in an email. “I looked at my email, then I got the shock of my life,” he told reporters.

See you in OmahaJan 11, 7am

Kanpai.Con in Omaha is coming up this February and it's promising to be a pretty fun time. Held in a convenient location near both Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, and all of the western Iowa and eastern Nebraska, we're happy to expect anime fans from across the region.

If you're uncomfortable during the convention.Dec 17, 2pm

If at any point during any convention you are made to feel uncomfortable by another person, please seek the assistance of convention staff. Most anime conventions have in place policies and procedures for dealing with all sorts of situations, whether someone is disrespecting you, harassing you, or otherwise being a problem.

Hello NebraskaAug 28, 4pm

Hello, Nebraska. For years, five or more of our top staff have been natives of Omaha, Nebraska, traveling across the country to all of our conventions. And yet, we still hadn’t organized a convention in their hometown.

Pokemon Go Rumors DebunkedJul 15, 9pm

Pokemon Go players: there are hundreds of rumors going around lately about Pokemon Go, and I'm here to help share which ones are bad and which are good. *Eevee evolutions can't be guessed.* There are countless posts claiming that having a certain move will determine what your Eevee evolves into.

Important updates on security.Jul 13, 1am

This year's Anime Midwest took place in Rosemont, IL from July 8-10, 2016. We shared a city and convention center with another convention. I addressed the fact that there was another convention back in May of 2016, taking note that we would be hiring a significant amount of extra security as a result.
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