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AniMinneapolis coming up.May 2, 16 1am

A few updates to make AniMinneapolis better than ever. We have awesome guests and tons of events, but every year we try to add more improvements. This year: * 24 hour video gaming. * More gaming tournaments and prizes.

Owl Cafe in Takadanobaba TokyoMar 20, 16 1am

Little fluffy balls of cuteness (and sometimes evil). No, I'm not talking about cats (especially when they like to knock things off of tables), but owls. There's no place in the world filled with more peace and tranquility for the owl lover, then an owl Cafe in Tokyo.

Con Wars and Convention SchedulingJan 26, 16 5pm

If you don't know how picking convention dates works, it can be really confusing. Why are there so many cons at the same time of year, or the same weekend even, when there are 52 weekends every single year.

Regarding Online ArticlesJan 5, 16 7am

My entire goal in organizing conventions is to support nerds like myself. I grew up in a high school like any other, where playing sports and partying made you cool and getting a high GPA made you a dork.

Winter Anime Con coming to ChicagoSep 27, 15 5am

Continuing a tradition of incredible conventions in the Midwest, AnimeCon.org will be presenting Con+Alt+Delete, an anime convention, in Chicago this December 18-20, 2016. C+A+D is a three day convention that will blend the best of an anime convention with various fandoms, video game tournaments, and special events to create a massive fandom weekend.

Anime Convention coming to Columbus, OHSep 21, 15 2am

I'm very excited to share that a brand new anime convention will be coming to Columbus, Ohio. The event will happen at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, from May 20-22, 2016.

Panelists have been emailed for Anime MidwestJun 7, 15 5am

Panelists for Anime Midwest should have got their confirmation emails by now. I think nearly all panels have been accepted except for some that are near exact duplicates of other panel submissions. The schedule includes 100s of panels and events already, so it's going to be a wild weekend.

MaiOtaku Live ChatMay 4, 15 2am

MaiOtaku has revealed this year one of the most requested features for the website ever: live chat. Users can now directly private message each other in real time and have the replies pop up instantly.

Projects Page UpdatedJan 10, 15 6am

I have updated the projects page for my website to reflect more about what I am doing lately. I also hope you enjoy the new picture, hehe. My current biggest interests are in liquid-based 3D printing.

Updated refund policy.Dec 15, 14 5am

We've expanded our refund policy to make it easier for people who need refunds to get them in a hard time. Plans can change at the last minute, so we want to support you. The new policy is on "AnimeCon.
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