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What the President of Anime's Job IsJun 14, 10am

I have people tell me all the time that they wish they had my job. It sounds wonderful - you get to create awesome anime experiences for other nerds who like anime. But if anyone actually wants my job, you're welcome to it, haha.

Supporting Cosplayers at Anime ConventionsJun 7, 8pm

Last year, I really wanted to help support the cosplayers attending and participating in the Cosplay World Crown, and so I had a bunch of snacks set up at Anime Midwest's cosplay contest for the cosplay participants.

Keep your hands off my internet.May 30, 4pm

Most anime fans like me get their anime on the internet. Whether it be from Crunchyroll, Netflix, or somewhere else on the web, all anime fans are connected by the internet. Anime Midwest is coming up soon and we've connected with hundreds of attendees via the internet, for example.

The laws of running a non-profit anime convention.May 24, 6pm

This is Ryan Kopf, the president of AnimeCon.org and your local nerd and anime fan. Anime Minneapolis is coming up this weekend and we're all hands on deck with the convention, shaping up to be a great time and I look forward to seeing some awesome people here.

Protecting seniors and disabled people - from capitalism.May 17, 8pm

Let's talk about something many people call boring - social security. I know it's not related to anime, but the number of anime fans I know who are personally affected is in the thousands. This is because anime reaches people from all walks of life.

Anyone can make a website thanks to WebsiteRaven.comMay 12, 3pm

When I launched WebsiteRaven.

An energy policy our generation needs.May 3, 8pm

Solar panels can be installed without any concrete or unrecyclable parts. Here's a picture of a ground screw installation - at my mom's house. These solar panels don't require big concrete pads poured, they don't use dangerous chemicals, they're made of aluminum, glass, copper.

The environment is everyone's concernApr 26, 12pm

Can't wait to see you at the next convention. But will there be more anime conventions if we don't do something about the environment. The weather has gotten wild and unpredictable. Pollution is rampant.

How I built a business with just credit cards.Apr 19, 9am

It is almost time for the next anime convention, but today I'm writing you with a little history story. We started AnimeCon.org from nothing. And I am quite lucky to be where I am. Growing up, the concept of 'easy money' was foreign to me.

How To Network As A Young PersonApr 12, 5pm

As I started organizing my anime conventions back in 2010, I've been navigating the entrepreneurial waters for a while now. One thing I've realized along this journey is the undeniable power of networking.
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