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The Story of AnimeCon.orgAug 4, 23 6pm

I went to a ton of conventions before organizing my own. I think one year I went to a record of 22 different conventions in one year - a couple of them were even on the same weekend and 5 hours drive apart.

How Cons.mx Can Improve Conventions WorldwideJul 28, 23 9pm

I started organizing anime conventions almost 15 years ago. Back then it seemed like they were just these nerdy little gatherings of a few hundred people who like anime. Now they seem to be everywhere and bigger than ever.

Did you know 40 percent of all corn is made into Ethanol?Jul 21, 23 9pm

As the world's population continues to grow, the demand for energy is also increasing. Fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy for decades, but their negative impact on the environment has become increasingly apparent.

A More Sustainable Future Is PossibleJul 14, 23 3pm

Have you ever questioned why we continue to rely on non-renewable energy sources when renewable alternatives are at our fingertips. Or why we refer to methane gas as 'natural gas' despite its devastating impacts on our environment.

I want to build more robots.Jul 7, 23 9pm

It's no secret that I love robots. There's something captivating about the way that these machines can help automate tasks that are traditionally done by humans. Robots can be any kind of machine that helps automate tasks, from the most complex industrial robots to the smallest hobbyist robots.

Five Awesome Places To Go In JapanJun 30, 23 10am

Japan is a beautiful country with a rich culture, delicious food, and stunning natural beauty. If you're planning a trip to Japan and wondering where to go, here are five awesome places you should consider visiting.

How to Add Tests to an Existing Rails App That Has No TestsJun 28, 23 5pm

So, you've built an application using Ruby on Rails. Perhaps it started as a pet project, or a learning experience, and testing was put on the backburner. Fast forward to today, and you're left with an application that serves its purpose but lacks tests.

Why I'm most excited for Anime MidwestJun 23, 23 10am

Nearly 20 years ago, I attended my first convention. It was a small convention in Iowa, and I was immediately hooked. Since then, I've attended countless conventions all across the country, but one in particular has captured my heart: Anime Midwest.

How Future Software Might Improve Our LivesJun 16, 23 3am

The digital age has brought about a wealth of software that has improved our lives in countless ways. From smartphones to social media apps, we rely on software every day to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Together we can end domestic violenceJun 12, 23 11pm

Today's topic is an uncomfortable one for many people. But this issue affects more than 10 million women and men across the country. (Content Warning: DV, Spoilers) The topic is domestic violence. Now why is an anime nerd emailing about domestic violence.
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