Protecting seniors and disabled people - from capitalism.

Let’s talk about something many people call boring – social security. I know it’s not related to anime, but the number of anime fans I know who are personally affected is in the thousands. This is because anime reaches people from all walks of life.

The imbalance between the wealthy and the rest grows clearer every day. Reactive, regressive politicians are cutting Social Security benefits to fund tax breaks for the rich and corporations. Social Security, essential for many seniors and disabled individuals, is under threat as these funds are stolen by the rich.

Social Security acts as a financial safety net, offering stability to those who need it most. But now, these crucial benefits are being reduced, putting millions at risk. This shift means not just tighter budgets but severe hardships—choosing between medicine and meals, facing eviction, and relying more on stretched charities.

The impact is deep. Cutting Social Security isn’t just about money; it’s a moral failure. We need to fight to preserve and strengthen this program. This fight involves rallying advocacy groups, talking to lawmakers, and making more people aware of Social Security’s vital role.

It is a documented fact that corporations and the rich, including figures like Elon Musk, are aggressively lobbying for lower taxes while simultaneously expressing concern over declining birth rates. Their rationale is transparent: without an increasing number of young people to expand the tax base, they cannot sustain cuts to Social Security to reduce their own taxes. Enough is never enough for them.

This strategic push highlights a profound disconnect between their fiscal policies and the broader needs of a healthy society.

We also need policies for fair economic growth that don’t sacrifice our most vulnerable. Revising tax laws that favor the wealthy and hurt public services is crucial.

In short, the true measure of our society is how we treat our most vulnerable. The current stripping of Social Security to enrich the wealthy is not just a financial issue—it’s a deep social and ethical problem. We must oppose these capitalist abuses and aim for a society where the well-being of seniors and the disabled is prioritized.

You can do something about it. The wealthy are getting away with stealing from us because they’ve rigged the tax system so their earnings—‘capital gains’—are taxed less than your regular W2 income. By fighting for a tax structure where capital gains are taxed at the same rate as regular income, we can begin to correct this profound inequity.

You can also push back against regressive political agendas that serve corporate interests at the expense of public welfare. Support progressive candidates and initiatives that prioritize the health and security of all citizens, not just those at the top.

Moreover, the issue of unlimited campaign spending needs urgent attention. The “Citizens United” decision has allowed money to flood our political system, undermining democracy. Advocating for strict campaign finance reform is essential to limit the influence of big money in politics and ensure transparency and accountability.

Thanks to the misleadingly-named “Citizens United”, a wealthy person or company can spend unlimited amounts of money promoting candidates who will pass laws that benefit them. One study showed that for every $1 spent lobbying and on campaigns, corporations received about $760 in government support.

This staggering return on investment shows just how deeply corporate interests are embedded in our political system. By addressing this imbalance and pushing for meaningful campaign finance reform, we can start to dismantle the structures that allow the wealthy to shape our laws disproportionately. This is crucial for building a fairer society where everyone’s voice is heard equally.

These actions are critical in building a movement against policies that exploit our most vulnerable. By getting involved, staying informed, and holding our leaders accountable, we can work towards a society where economic policies are fair and inclusive.

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