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Guy lands on comet. People are assholes to him.Nov 16, 14 2am

Some guy lands a space probe on a comet and a bunch of assholes on the internet only want to talk about his shirt. Seriously, the fuck is wrong with people. This guy just landed on a COMET in SPACE.

New font for learning JapaneseNov 15, 14 9pm

A UK company has created a new font that could help anyone learn Japanese. View it "here.":http://www.dramafever.

We landed on a comet.Nov 14, 14 10am

Science is awesome. "First images from the comet.":http://spaceflightnow.com/2014/11/13/philae-sends-first-image-from-comet/.

Convention RegistrationNov 7, 14 6pm

Recently Otakon released a form asking attendees if they would be interested in receiving their badge in the mail, and asking how much they would be willing to pay for it. I think this is a great move, as Otakon has had registration line issues for years, and it may be one of the best ways for them to prevent this issue in the future.

Ryan Kopf takes the ALS ChallengeAug 20, 14 6pm

In this video I take the ALS challenge after being challenged by my VP. However there is a water shortage and I don't want to waste good drinking water, so instead I will be donating all of my two dollar bills to the ALS foundation.

You don't have to stand for online bullying.Aug 18, 14 1pm

Online bullies have made victims out of more than "7 out of 10":http://nobullying.com/cyberbullying-bullying-statistics-2014-finally/ young people this year. Online bullies have made victims out of more than "7 out of 10":http://nobullying.

Moving to Illinois for taxesAug 18, 14 11am

It looks like I'm very likely going to need to move to Illinois really soon, and for one simple reason: taxes. When you run businesses in multiple states, you have to file taxes in every single one, yet one of them is legally your "home state" wherever you live.

Don't steal from your friendsAug 4, 14 7pm

You, fellow congoer, wouldn't slip five dollars out of a friend's purse when they're not looking. And if you would, you can just fuck right off. The supermajority of people going to cons are the most awesome people in the world.

Setting up the Amazon AWS CLI on UbuntuAug 1, 14 2am

Amazon's documentation on their command line tools is unwieldy and confusingly setup. They have a lot of tools that are similarly named, yet you may need just a fraction of them for your particular purpose.

Image_Science not working with new Rails 3 installation.Jul 28, 14 5pm

Is your image_science throwing an error when you try to install Rails 3 on a new machine for testing and updating purposes.
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