It's the 25th Anniversary of My Favorite Anime

It’s the 25th anniversary of my favorite anime and I just wanted to take a moment to geek out about Trigun with you. It’s such a beautiful story, and there’s a new version that just came out. Warning Spoilers

Trigun follows the legendary “Vash the Stampede” – a wanted fugitive for allegedly blowing up a city. But the character you follow seems to kind-hearted and good-natured that you just KNOW he couldn’t have blown up a city.

Vash is just an adorable goofball, after all!

Vash’s love for donuts, his gentle smile for children, and his unwavering willingness to aid others all contradict the allegations against him. However, as the plot thickens, it is revealed that Vash is, in fact, a pacifist, and his twin brother, Knives, is the true perpetrator of the city’s destruction.

Throughout the series, Vash grapples with his own values and struggles to balance his principles with the harsh realities of his circumstances. The anime blends humor, action, and profound musings on the human condition, cementing its status as a timeless classic in the world of anime. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Trigun, I highly recommend it!

Why it matters to me:

The reason this anime resonates with me so deeply is that it offers a refreshing contrast to the narcissism and self-centeredness that dominate social media platforms. Vash serves as a shining example of selflessness, constantly striving to make the world a better place despite facing endless obstacles. His unwavering resolve and altruism are qualities I aspire to emulate in my own life. Like Vash, I’m not always succesful, but I will never give up.

Trigun has become one of my favorite anime series for many reasons, but perhaps the most prominent is its unique space western theme. This captivating blend of genres creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that keeps me coming back for more.

However, it’s not just the theme that makes Trigun so special. At the heart of the series is a benevolent “artifact of technology”. I love the idea. It’s a refreshing change from the typical good vs. evil narratives found in many anime series and offers a unique perspective on what it means to be human.

Vash the Stampede

If you’re a fan of the classic anime Trigun, then you won’t want to miss out on Trigun Stampede, a modern retelling that is available to stream on Crunchyroll. This reboot takes the original story and characters and adds a fresh, complex spin that will tug at your heartstrings from start to finish.

For those wondering, Trigun Stampede is not simply a remastering or a continuation of the original series. Instead, it offers its own unique interpretation of the source material, with a fresh take on the universe’s history that sets it apart from any previous iteration of the franchise.

But why should you give Trigun Stampede a chance? For starters, it offers a deep dive into the complex themes and ideas that made the original series so beloved. Moreover, the new anime iteration explores these concepts in innovative ways that breathe new life into the universe, while still remaining true to the original spirit of the franchise.

One of the ways Trigun Stampede achieves this is by following the same approach as the original anime: transforming the source material into a distinct narrative that is uniquely its own. Through its new character beats, altered storylines, and modern animation style, Trigun Stampede stands out as a fresh and exciting take on the classic series.

In short, Trigun Stampede is a must-watch for fans of the original anime who are looking for something new and refreshing. Whether you’re a die-hard Trigun fan or just looking for an engaging anime to sink your teeth into, this reboot is well worth your time.

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