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It's the 25th Anniversary of My Favorite AnimeMay 5, 3am

It's the 25th anniversary of my favorite anime and I just wanted to take a moment to geek out about Trigun with you. It's such a beautiful story, and there's a new version that just came out. *Warning Spoilers* Trigun follows the legendary "Vash the Stampede" - a wanted fugitive for allegedly blowing up a city.

How To Found An Amazing CompanyApr 28, 3am

I founded quite by accident. We were going to go to a small little anime convention and pass out flyers for this one-time event we were planning. But that convention was canceled and we decided to host our own mini con in its place.

An Update from the President of AnimeApr 21, 3am

I am disappointed in the State of Iowa, my home state, for what they are doing to the trans community. Once upon a time the State of Iowa was considered top in the nation for its education system. Students from Iowa were the best and the brightest in the country.

Will AI Replace Animators in JapanApr 7, 3am

The rise of artificial intelligence has been crazy over the last couple of months, now punctuated with the release of something called ChatGPT. The use of AI in everything from copywriting to preventing spam to building new businesses.

Can a browser extension help you learn a language?Apr 2, 5am

Hey fellow nerds. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language - like the Japanese you see in anime. I've invented an interesting new way to learn a language. It's called Sponge and it's a browser extension that helps you learn a language by replacing words as you browse with words from the new language.

Discover the Anime That Can Improve Your LifeApr 2, 3am

I just wanted to take a moment to write about anime - since it's such a big part of my life. And I almost never get time to watch new anime or appreciate my favorites, but still - I think there are anime out there that can change your life.

Celebrating Women's History MonthMar 23, 4am

As the President of, I have had the privilege of working alongside countless women who have made a significant impact on the anime and convention industry. As we celebrate Women's History Month, I am reminded of the remarkable women who have inspired me throughout my life.

Why I am programming stuff in RustFeb 2, 10pm

I am starting to make more and more little side projects that just don't make sense in my favorite framework, which as you should know is Ruby on Rails. My Github profile doesn't even show you just how much work I do in Ruby on Rails because I mostly work on private repositories.

Installing the mysql2 Ruby Gem on Windows using MariaDBJan 20, 8pm

When I tried installing the mysql2 on Windows I had a terrible time. I was getting warnings and errors that other people didn't seem to get. current directory: C:/Ruby31-x64/lib/ruby/gems/3.1.0/gems/mysql2-0.

Rumors about Ryan KopfJun 16, 22 10am

Let's just say you were in my shoes and you had false allegations lobbied against you. And every year these same rumors grow and they morph and they change, and every year they get more untruthful. Last year these vague accusations against me were a sexual assault thing.
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