Supporting Cosplayers at Anime Conventions

Last year, I really wanted to help support the cosplayers attending and participating in the Cosplay World Crown, and so I had a bunch of snacks set up at Anime Midwest’s cosplay contest for the cosplay participants. Only problem was that nobody told the cosplayers until 30 minutes before the show.

Well unfortunately little miscommunications like that happen from time to time, but we’ve worked really hard on all the details for this year’s Cosplay World Crown, and we’re working on putting on an incredible show for everyone!

If you don’t know what the cosplay world crown is, it’s quite possibly the biggest and best cosplay competition on Earth – with the winner receiving a fully paid-for trip to Japan! Watch a previous winner interviewed in Japan!

Read the details:

Our team has done a lot to prepare for this year, and while there likely won’t be a cheese spread this time, we have been working hard to coordinate with contestants and prepare for this amazing cosplay showcase. A big thank you to the cosplay department head for all her hard work as well!

Anime Midwest is July 5-7 this year, and we’re hoping to see a lot of awesome cosplayers there!



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