A note on sharing convention space.

AnimeCon.org has known for a while that we’ll be sharing the convention center with another convention in July in Chicago, and we have had conversations with their team about how best to support both events while keeping any potential problems minimized. We have been working internally to create a smooth event and experience for everyone who will be in Rosemont over the weekend.

Take note this double booking was by the convention center, and not by either convention. We’ve asked them not to do it again.

We are hiring additional convention center security staff, approximately double last year’s.

We will be undertaking additional training with our staff about costumes, appropriateness, and how to approach these situations. In the past we have had one of the most lenient costume policies (“dresscode”) around, but this year we are going to have to be extra careful about anyone “pushing the envelope.” Anime Midwest is still a family friendly event.

As always Anime Midwest typically hires several private security officers, 4 or more police officers, and a team of our own internal staff.

We understand that this may bring a slightly more adult crowd to Anime Midwest, and we would like to welcome you to our events. A few reminders to the older audience, because we approach our convention differently than others:

  • Smoking areas will be more enforced than at most other local conventions. We care deeply about our attendees with asthma and breathing problems, and will do our best to keep smoking areas clear for them.
  • Only individuals with badges are allowed in convention space. We are able to ask individuals in lobby areas of our main hotel (Hyatt) to present their badge.
  • Anime Midwest, local hotels, and local police may use closed circuit cameras and security cameras in and around our venues. Some of these which are intended for promotion purposes (such as timelapse videos of dealers rooms or main events) may also be used for security.

We do not expect to see increased incidents of harassment over the weekend, as we have been promised by the other event that their attendees are very respectful. But as a reminder, here is our harassment policy. If anything over the weekend, whether related to this or not, makes you feel uncomfortable, please let us know in person in our operations center.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you enjoy whatever events in Rosemont you may be attending!

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