A Secret To AnimeCon.org's Success: Tixily

Tixily has been a secret to AnimeCon.org’s success for years. As an anime convention organizer for almost 15 years, I’ve seen the industry grow and change. Conventions have become more popular and diverse, but the work of organizing them has only become more complex. That’s why I created Tixily – a platform that simplifies the process of organizing and managing conventions.

Previously, organizers had to juggle multiple tools and platforms to manage registrations, ticket sales, scheduling, and more. With Tixily, everything is integrated into a single platform, saving time and reducing administrative burdens. It’s easy to create detailed schedules, manage vendor registrations, and track ticket sales in real-time.

I wrote this platform in my spare time just as I was starting organizing anime conventions. I’ve now been programming for 20 years. I’m excited by just how much our software helps make organizing conventions easier.

Ticket Sales + Exhibit Layouts + Scheduling

Tixily is also designed to enhance the convention experience for attendees. Interactive maps, event schedules, and social media integration are just a few of the features that make navigating conventions easier and more enjoyable. It’s designed to work well on smartphones, showing event schedules and event maps with ease.

One of the most important features of Tixily is its affordability. Other ticket-selling platforms like TicketMaster or EventBrite charge high fees per ticket sold, taking money out of attendees’ pockets. With Tixily, organizers can save these fees entirely, keeping money in attendees’ hands and allowing them to spend more at vendors and artists.

That’s really important to me in my goal of supporting people in the anime community. The artists that attend anime conventions often rely on these events to sell their work and make a living. By keeping costs low for attendees, more people can attend the convention and support these artists and vendors. This creates a more vibrant and diverse convention experience for everyone involved.

Assume we’ve had about 25,000 attendees per year across our events. If we used another popular ticketing platform, EventBrite, we’d be paying 3% per ticket, in addition to 3% credit card processing fees (6%) total. Take that 3% and an average ticket price of $40, and we’re saving $30,000 per year thanks to my platform.

We’re also as a company committed to sustainability in the convention industry. By reducing the need for paper-based schedules and promoting environmentally-friendly practices, Tixily helps to minimize the industry’s environmental impact.

Small and independent conventions can benefit from Tixily as well. These events often lack the resources and infrastructure of larger conventions, making it difficult for them to attract attendees and exhibitors. However, with Tixily, organizers can easily create and manage their conventions, reaching a wider audience and building a stronger community.

As an event organizer myself, I understand the challenges that come with convention planning. I built Tixily to simplify this process and bring ease to other event organizers. By streamlining convention management and enhancing the attendee experience, Tixily helps take conventions to the next level.

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