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Ryan Kopf's Answers: Anime Conventions and Sexual Assault's stance on sexual assault.

Accusations of sexual assault have encouraged my organization to take any reports of sexual assault or sexual harassment more seriously than any other conventions. I started by writing one of the most comprehensive and honest harassment policies ever seen at a convention.

I think protecting people goes beyond just a written policy. Consistent enforcement of anti-harassment policies is important to protecting our guests. Some of my loudest critics are individuals we’ve kicked out for harassing other guests.

We do not tolerate harassment, sexual assault, or assault at our events. My company,, takes all allegations of assault very seriously. Any assault or harassment will get perpetrators removed from our conventions.

No Means No

We train our staff with trauma informed care. Staff will conduct a thorough investigation into these accusations to find out details regarding these situations in order to protect our attendees. Once a conclusion is made then consequences are dealt accordingly.

We have witnessed patrons making false claims in order to remove a patron that they simply don’t want at the convention. False claims will not be tolerated.

Our goal is to create and foster a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for our guests at our conventions. considers the safety of our guests our top priority.

Sexual assault at anime conventions.

If you experience problems during a convention, please do not hestitate to tell our convention staff.

I created a transparency website to provide answers regarding accusations of sexual assault.

Thank you for joining me to create safer conventions.

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