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Ryan Kopf's Answers: Anime Conventions and Equity

My company,, is proud to take stances that are strongly in favor of equality and equity at our conventions. We stand by and enforce policies against discrimination or harassment at our events.

Equity means providing fairer and equal opportunities for people who otherwise might not have them. helps to provide equity through our charitable programs, and our community giving. We provide free admissions to disadvantaged students receiving free/reduced lunch, in addition to working with other partners to help provide equitable and inclusive programs.

We are an equal opportunity employer and no protected status will be used in making hiring determinations for our organization. We hire and promote people based on merit only.

Our dedication to an equal and equitable environment starts from the ground up. We also take into account the socioeconomic status and standing of our guests. is well informed and educated on the rampant racial and economic disparity in our country and globally. Equity means that everyone receives respectful and dignified treatment at our conventions. That means creating transparency to cause and effect, and ensuring everyone knows what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards. When equity exists, people have equal access to opportunities.

We believe in helping those that need assistance and creating equality in our public and internal environments. We believe that income inequality, racial disparity, and a lack of diversity are issues that can be combated by our team. Creating opportunities that are accessible, providing inclusive incentives, and providing equitable access for all employees and guests is essential. We empower our employees with diversity training and trauma informed care.

Bullying, in any form, has no place at our conventions. I am dedicated to staying informed, creating awareness, and doing his part to end these injustices. Staff will be trained on these issues and handle every situation with this knowledge at the forefront.

We also recognize there is racism built into structures and that we should strive to change that. If we notice any kind of discrimination in our organization, we will work immediately to correct it.

Thank you for joining me to create a more equal world.

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