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Ryan Kopf's Answers: Health and Safety at Anime Cons

While the COVID-19 crisis has brought health and safety to the forefront of all kinds of public gatherings, anime conventions are one of the few gatherings where you stay for such a long time - making health and safety even more important.

Making wellness a part of our conventions is always a winning strategy. Due to Covid we provide masks and hand sanitizer stations at our events. My conventions offer food and drinks to our guests and ample areas for rest and seating. A big emphasis is placed on encouraging movement by providing interactive games, formal dances, and nightly raves to create an environment with wellness as our top priority. Providing team building exercises helps create a cross-functional effort to ensure everyone is on the same page and work together to promote healthiness for our attendees. I also require that attendees are healthy, without symptoms of sickness (i.e fever, cough, sniffles), before being able to attend our events. This simple health screen promotes a safe and healthy environment for our staff and patrons.

Thank you for joining me to create a healthier world.

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