More Power Rangers

I'm excited that another power ranger will be coming back to Meta Con in a few weeks. Michael Copon, also star in One Tree Hill, will be coming back with friends and fellow rangers Nakia Burrise and Jason Faunt.

Hope to see you there! Online registration is still just $36 for the whole weekend. Pretty cheap, considering that's probably 60+ hours of entertainment... probably more like $1 an hour after you subtract sleep.

Michael's Bio:
Michael Sowell Copon is an actor, model, producer, and singer, known for his role of Felix Taggaro in the television series One Tree Hill, playing Vin Keahi in the television series Beyond the Break, and starring in Power Rangers: Time Force.

Michael has also starred as the lead in numerous films, including Night of the Demons, All You've Got, Dark House, Music High, and Bring It On: In It To Win It. He has also starred as the lead while producing or co-producing on Killer Holiday and Boyband.

Michael Copon has also played recurring characters on Beyond the Break, Greek, and That's So Raven, in addition to guest starring on Hawaii 5-0, CSI: Miami, and Reno 911.

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