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Harajuku Lolita Stores Video Guide

While I've been called a "Princess" by my friends (I sure hope they were teasing), I'm just not as into pretty Japanese fashion as you might think. But wait! I'm uploading a video of dresses and shoes? Oh noes! Well, I do know a ton of people who might like them. And since they can't simply go to Japan to see the stores, I'm posting a few videos.

While not so much of a guide, here is a small collection of videos from some of the frilly and lacy stores I came across in Harajuku. If you're looking for Lolita stores in Harajuku, some of these videos may show you what to expect, particularly at Closet Child.

If your internet is fast, change the videos to 1080p HD and see them in epic closeness.

Possibly a Kera store?

Bodyline Lolita Store in Harajuku

Gyaru (Gal) Store

First video from inside Closet Child. Notice near the beginning, as I look to the right? Those stairs lead to floors 3F and 4F, which I missed on my first visit, because the boxes make it look like you shouldn't go that way.

The Gothic and Punk section of Closet Child!

h.Naoto heaven!

I apologize that some of these are zoomed in so that you can't see as much. I accidentally did not zoom all the way out when I had to sneak this photo:

On another note, that guy looks exactly like one of the "ugly women" characters from the Kabuki show from Day 3.... I am 99% sure that it's the same guy. Japan is a huge place, so the odds of running into someone I'd seen before seemed quite low until now.

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