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Ideal Japan Itinerary

I've finally created my ideal Japan itinerary, covering major points along Tokyo, Kyoto, and all the way across to Kagoshima and Hiroshima. To prepare for Project Anime Japan at the Tokyo Anime Fair, I've even updated a few of my business cards with a tiny bit of Japanese (Email me please:

Tokyo First - About 6 days.
  • English Cafe First! Maybe I'll meet some people and they'll give me good ideas.
  • Harujuku the next day! I'll check out Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, and all the cosplayers afterwards. Then NHK Studio Park.
  • Kabuki at 11am in Ginza. Then Akihabara and Maid Cafes!
  • Sensoji Temple, Imperial Palace East Gardens
  • Ghibli Museum if I can get tickets!
Kyoto - About 4 days.
  • Various Shrines and at least one Tea Ceremony.
  • Gion Corner to see various Geisha Maiko acts.
  • International Manga Museum!
  • The Imperial Palace, and both the Plum and Cherry Blossoms if any are out.
  • World Heritage Sites: Kinkakuji, Ryoanji
  • TBD!
After going back to Tokyo for Tokyo Anime Fair, I'll then be heading to Hiroshima.
Hiroshima - 1 day
  • Hiroshima Memorial, Peace Park, Etc
Osaka - 3 Days
  • Takarazuka Performance if I can
  • Amerikamura
  • Possible detour to Koya-san to see the mountains, monks, and shrines
Back to Tokyo!
  • Imperial Palace Tour
  • Playing Pachinko!
Overall I hope to learn a lot about the culture and country that I can bring back to America. The Maid Cafes, Harujuku, Gion Corner, the Anime Fair, and the Ghibli Museum will be especially useful to see.
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