Learn Japanese Games

Learning Japanese is going to be tough if you attempt to learn an entire dictionary's worth of vocabulary through memorization and repetition. Learning by rote is slow.

However, learning with fun methods, like games, can be a much better way to keep new vocabulary in your memory. I've found several games to learn Japanese with on the internet, but most are not terribly complicated.

You can go to Digital Dialects for some basic vocabulary and kanji-meaning games, which may help break up whatever other method you're using to study.

You can practice your かな (ひらがな and かたかな) [Kana (Hiragana and Katakana)] with Real Kana.

Don't miss out on playing Kana Space Invaders, however my game crashed the very moment I stopped the oncoming invasion.

Finally, if you think the game part is more important, and you like games reminiscent of old-school Final Fantasy, then download Slime Forest Adventure.
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