Space Create Takadanobaba - Jiyu Kukan

There’s a rather huge cybercafe in Takadanobaba called Jiyu Kukan,, which is rather hard to discover unless someone has introduced you to the place.

Each Jiyu seems to have computers for internet, computers for video games, billiards, and dart boards.

The hardest part about finding the place, is that the only English words on the sign are Space Create, and the kanji are hard to read. Well, the actual name of the space is Jiyu Kukan, and it’s a cybercafe with lots more going on.

We’ve played darts here for hours at a time.

Signing up for a membership costs less than 400 yen, and all you need is your passport to signup. Once your a member there’s no monthly fee or anything like that, but you need your membership card to get in.

It’s a great way to play darts, enjoy unlimited Mountain Dew or Melon Soda, and hang out with your friends for a bit under $10 per hour.

How to enjoy Space Create Takadanobaba

This place is rather hard to discover, because it’s Japanese name of Jiqoo Kuukan, is practically never written in latin letters, making it hard to Google search for. But once you’re in, actually using the space is relatively easy.

You will need your passport to sign up for a membership card. You can not us another form of ID unless you are a Japanese resident. You will go to the computers right near the entrance, and click a button to create a new account and simply follow the English instructions on screen.

Get stuck? Someone will actually call the phone next to the machine and walk you through the process in English, so it’s really convenient.

Once you have your card, go over to the other computers and choose which activity you want (cyber cafe space, billiards pool space, or a darts machine). You’ll get a paper with a QR code, and you can enter!

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