Con Alt Delete 2017

I’m very excited for the upcoming Con Alt Delete! CAD is a great way to end the year every year, and has really changed the holiday season for a lot of people by adding COSPLAY and FUN to all the stress of shopping and gift giving.

Oh I’m kidding, those things are the real fun part. But still, December has never been a super busy time for conventions, so it’s really nice to have one in December and it makes holiday shopping a much easier endeavor for your fellow nerdy and otaku friends.

This year’s CAD has got some fantastic special guests, including Japanese singer Kanako Ito and Lolita Brand BABY The Stars Shine Bright.

Getting guests from Japan has been a highlight for me for some of our recent conventions, such as having Metamorphose at META CON. They were fantastic to work with, and the people who attended our tea party had an absolutely lovely time.

Bringing guests directly from Japan and connecting the anime community more closely with the source of their amazing anime shows is a key part of’s mission. Without such great Japanese business partners and connections, we wouldn’t be as amazing as we are today, so I give my thanks to them.

On another note, I recently celebrated my birthday by napping and playing through all of Nier:Automata. Am I getting old?

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