Back from ACEN

I returned today from yet another weekend filled with adventure, this time again at Anime Central. Considering it was my third year attending, the convention felt rather natural for us, as we attended to promote Anime Midwest.

Anime Midwest had an awesome room party that gave away a ton of free stuff, and we had several hundred people come through over the course of our open hours on Friday and Saturday, where we stayed up until 2am. I was most excited, though, about our advertisement on the back of the program book. :D

I also attended interviews with Nabeshine and Angelic Pretty, and soon we will be posting several highlight pictures of the ACEN fashion shows.

Our main purpose? Anime Midwest of course! With our ad covering the program, and tons of flyers, it looked like nearly everyone might be attending Anime Midwest by the end of the weekend (or, at least those who were local). Just on early Sunday morning I had several new emails confirming a half-dozen new online registrations, before most people had even gotten home yet.

I can't wait to see everyone at Midwest, because we also have the voice actors from Panty and Stocking coming. The lead voice (Panty) and lead writer, Jamie Marchi, will be returning to Anime Midwest for her second year, in addition to many others. It will be awesome!
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