If you're uncomfortable during the convention.

If at any point during any convention you are made to feel uncomfortable by another person, please seek the assistance of convention staff. Most anime conventions have in place policies and procedures for dealing with all sorts of situations, whether someone is disrespecting you, harassing you, or otherwise being a problem.

At our conventions, all our staff are trained to escort you to our Con Ops (or find a department head to take you there), and our Con Ops will take a full report of any incidents, and do our best to help you. Even if you just want a place to sit down and feel safe for a moment, and don’t want to tell us the details, we’ll let you do that. Our response is often measured based on the situation.

Our harassment policy can be found here.

Con Ops at Con+Alt+Delete can be found in the Lambert room of the Hyatt Regency O’hare.

Thank you.

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