platform being updated.

Ryan Kopf's Blog
What started as a few simple news websites and my own personal website has evolved into a solid platform hosting an anime dating website, a huge list of conventions, and the best registration system in the world.

I'm very excited that this past month has been one of the most productive months for updating this awesome platform. I have revamped the platform's database backups, making them faster and less taxing on the system. I've refactored a ton of old code, dramatically increasing maintainability. And, hopefully soon, we'll be adding some powerful new features.

The next feature I'm focused on is adding Dwolla to our software. This payment processor can help us dramatically lessen Paypal fees and save as much as $10,000 a year. To encourage it, any new users who pay for their con registration with Dwolla will get a reward of some kind, possibly a special discount.

One report said that the biggest problem with any payment processing platform is in adoption - the greater the adoption, the better and bigger the platform will become. With 25 cent transaction fees, Dwolla is ridiculously cheap, and I would love to see it become a new part of our convention systems.
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