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MyOtaku Dating For Anime FansOct 9, 5pm

Lately I've been spending some time making a lot of pretty awesome updates to MaiOtaku (mispelled as MyOtaku).

Adwords 10 out of 10 Quality ScoreOct 8, 12pm

I'm sure everyone is looking for information on this, so I'll give you some insight into all the things I've discovered while advertising for Anime Midwest in Chicago.

One of the best things I've seen all week.Jun 20, 8pm

The city of Troy, Michigan was facing a budget shortfall, and was considering closing the Troy Public Library for lack of funds.

Fixing Education With ToleranceMay 2, 2am

Education is an issue that I couldn't feel more strongly about, and every time I read either a positive or negative education story, it causes a surge in my veins.

Back from ACENApr 30, 4am

I returned today from yet another weekend filled with adventure, this time again at Anime Central.

New Portable SoundApr 24, 6pm

I'm excited to share that the cons now have a really cool new portable PA system to use at mini-events.

Power Rangers at Meta ConApr 23, 4am

I'm really excited that we have at least two power rangers coming to Meta Con.

Just Launched Cons.mxApr 22, 11pm

I'm excited to have just recently published a new website for convention organizers to help more easily manage their conventions.

Nerdcore RecommendationsFeb 24, 2pm

There's a heck of a lot of awesome music that you've never heard, and I want to share it with you.

Really ListeningFeb 24, 2pm

I am really listening.
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