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Huge anime convention comes to Chicago.Jun 22, 6pm

An incredible anime convention comes to Chicago this July, to the Hyatt Regency O'hare in Rosemont, Illinois.

What is jurisdiction?Jun 28, 12pm

Several months ago I began a lawsuit against a website and its operators for their statements against me, which were often in my opinion libelous (untrue) and malicious.

AniMinneapolis coming up.May 2, 1am

A few updates to make AniMinneapolis better than ever.

Owl Cafe in Takadanobaba TokyoMar 20, 1am

Little fluffy balls of cuteness (and sometimes evil).

Con Wars: Bad ApplesJul 21, 3am

I've had a few pending blog posts in my queue for months now about a couple of different topics, which I found to be useful and instructive lessons for convention runners, but I never actually got around to posting anything.

Con Wars and Convention SchedulingJan 26, 5pm

If you don't know how picking convention dates works, it can be really confusing.

Regarding Online ArticlesJan 5, 7am

My entire goal in organizing conventions is to support nerds like myself.

Winter Anime Con coming to ChicagoSep 27, 5am

Continuing a tradition of incredible conventions in the Midwest, AnimeCon.

Anime Convention coming to Columbus, OHSep 21, 2am

I'm very excited to share that a brand new anime convention will be coming to Columbus, Ohio.
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