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If you're uncomfortable during the convention.Dec 17, 2pm

If at any point during any convention you are made to feel uncomfortable by another person, please seek the assistance of convention staff. Most anime conventions have in place policies and procedures for dealing with all sorts of situations, whether someone is disrespecting you, harassing you, or otherwise being a problem.

Hello NebraskaAug 28, 4pm

Hello, Nebraska. For years, five or more of our top staff have been natives of Omaha, Nebraska, traveling across the country to all of our conventions. And yet, we still hadn’t organized a convention in their hometown.

Pokemon Go Rumors DebunkedJul 15, 9pm

Pokemon Go players: there are hundreds of rumors going around lately about Pokemon Go, and I'm here to help share which ones are bad and which are good. *Eevee evolutions can't be guessed.* There are countless posts claiming that having a certain move will determine what your Eevee evolves into.

Important updates on security.Jul 13, 1am

This year's Anime Midwest took place in Rosemont, IL from July 8-10, 2016. We shared a city and convention center with another convention. I addressed the fact that there was another convention back in May of 2016, taking note that we would be hiring a significant amount of extra security as a result.

Anime Midwest Badging and SecurityJul 10, 2pm

Over 12,000 people came to the Hyatt Regency O'hare and Stephens Convention Center over the past few days for a weekend of cosplaying, vendors, events, and guests. In order to provide a fun environment that stays safe all weekend, AnimeCon.

Huge anime convention comes to Chicago.Jun 22, 6pm

An incredible anime convention comes to Chicago this July, to the Hyatt Regency O'hare in Rosemont, Illinois. "Anime Midwest":http://animemidwest.

What is jurisdiction?Jun 28, 12pm

Several months ago I began a lawsuit against a website and its operators for their statements against me, which were often in my opinion libelous (untrue) and malicious. They called me a lot of names, which, in today's internet age is altogether common.

AniMinneapolis coming up.May 2, 1am

A few updates to make AniMinneapolis better than ever. We have awesome guests and tons of events, but every year we try to add more improvements. This year: * 24 hour video gaming. * More gaming tournaments and prizes.

Owl Cafe in Takadanobaba TokyoMar 20, 1am

Little fluffy balls of cuteness (and sometimes evil). No, I'm not talking about cats (especially when they like to knock things off of tables), but owls. There's no place in the world filled with more peace and tranquility for the owl lover, then an owl Cafe in Tokyo.
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