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Replace bad drivers with robots.

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Bad and thoughtless driving literally slows everyone else on the road down. Bad and inattentive drivers who drive in the wrong line, talk on cellphones, and don't pay attention to the road should have their license revoked. :D And then we'll give* them a robot to drive for them.
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More Power Rangers

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I'm excited that another power ranger will be coming back to Meta Con in a few weeks. Michael Copon, also star in One Tree Hill, will be coming back with friends and fellow rangers Nakia Burrise and Jason Faunt.
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Mind control devices.

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Researchers at a Harvard research laboratory announced earlier today that they have seen the first successes with mind control technology. Obviously this research lab is funded in part by a Ryan Kopf world domination grant.
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Rasberry Pi LCD Vesa-Mounted Screens

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I got a raspberry pi today, and, no, I don't mean from McDonald's. I mean the tiny microcomputer that fits in your hand and costs less than $40. These little machines can run linux and do almost anything you want them to - albeit slowly, for obvious reasons.
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The IT Crowd

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I think I watched all of The IT Crowd for the second time this week, all while programming for my con registration system. Sometimes you just need some (hilarious) background noise to be able to focus, you know? No? Am I the only one?
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Supporting Geeks

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For those who don't know, we love to support geeks and Otaku of all kinds. Helping out disadvantaged Otaku has been a large priority of what we have tried to do for the past several years, with various programs and policies designed to try to make our events as inclusive as possible.
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Harajuku Lolita Stores Video Guide

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While I've been called a "Princess" by my friends (I sure hope they were teasing), I'm just not as into pretty Japanese fashion as you might think. But wait! I'm uploading a video of dresses and shoes? Oh noes! Well, I do know a ton of people who might like them. And since they can't simply go to Japan to see the stores, I'm posting a few videos.
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Tokyo Part: Two

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Continuing my rampant adventures in the bustling metropolis of the world's second largest economy, I spend quite a bit more time in Tokyo after the first two days.
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First Days In Tokyo

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Less than twelve hours after my flight lands in Tokyo, and I found myself with enough to write an entire novel of my adventures... if only my memory would serve me so faithfully. However my first time out of the country, and for my very first day, it has been quite an adventure.
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Ideal Japan Itinerary

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I've finally created my ideal Japan itinerary, covering major points along Tokyo, Kyoto, and all the way across to Kagoshima and Hiroshima. To prepare for Project Anime Japan at the Tokyo Anime Fair, I've even updated a few of my business cards with a tiny bit of Japanese (Email me please: ryanATryankopf.com).
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