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Less Facebook Is GoodFeb 9, 7pm

As a person with an infinitely flexible schedule, here is what I've learned by taking a break from Facebook for a couple days: Do it.

Epic Guest List in ChicagoJan 31, 7pm

I'm really excited for this year, as we have such an epic guest list in Chicago.

MaiOtaku surpasses 20,000 users this yearDec 29, 6pm

MaiOtaku, the world's greatest and fastest growing dating site and social network for anime fans, surpassed the 20,000+ user mark this year, making MaiOtaku one of the top active websites for anime fans in the world.

Happy New YearDec 27, 4am

Hope you all have a wonderful upcoming new year.

What I would do if I won $636 million.Dec 17, 5pm

Everyone on the news is talking about the giant lottery jackpot tonight.

New story pages addedDec 17, 5pm

New pages to the AnimeCon.

Con Alt Delete is coming up!Dec 4, 9am

Con Alt Delete is our epic new anime convention in Chicago.

Tracking expenses is a pain.Sep 13, 11am

If you ever decide to go into business (which I actually do recommend, but only for those with patience and a lot of forethought), you'll quickly learn one of the most complicated and time consuming parts of running your organization is not the day-to-day work.

More convention stuff.Aug 24, 1am

This year's Meta Con is going to be one of the coolest geek conventions ever organized.

More website optimizing for RailsAug 23, 6am

I updated a little more code on most of my websites today, hopefully making them another 3-4% faster.
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