Replace bad drivers with robots.

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Bad and thoughtless driving literally slows everyone else on the road down. Bad and inattentive drivers who drive in the wrong line, talk on cellphones, and don't pay attention to the road should have their license revoked. :D And then we'll give* them a robot to drive for them.

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Quote: Tailgating is dangerous. Enraging other drivers is dangerous. Weaving in and out of traffic is dangerous. Inconsistent speeds in the same lane is dangerous. Passing on the right is dangerous. And we effectively encourage all of this by not enforcing lane discipline.

Instead, I recommend we replace all driving with robots, who can calculate and anticipate stoppages, bad driving, or lane problems, and correct them automatically.

Google's been trying it, but you need to replace all drivers with robots for it to work.

* For ten easy payments of $999.

Robots currently sold out. Please check back in 2018.

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