Adwords Quality Score 10/10 Update

Ryan Kopf's Blog
Last week I posted about how to work towards getting a better quality score in Google Adwords, and since then I've been experimenting even more. Here are some more tips in addition to what I've previously written about.

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  • Ad Relevancy (EG: Keywords in your ads) - Each ad group should have ads and keywords that are highly similar, more than you would think. Every version of your ad should use your keywords at least once in the title, once in the body, and once in the URL (subpage or subdomain).
  • CTR Always Counts - Your 'exact match' clickthrough rate effects your quality score, but it is not the only component. If you have a lot of irrelevant searches coming up in broad match, your overall CTR will be lower, and that's still a big factor in your quality score - because your website-based CTR will be lower, and your account-based CTR will be lower. Ad as many negative keywords as you can possibly think of.
Those are the biggest things I've noticed lately. Good luck, and keep testing!
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