MyOtaku Dating For Anime Fans

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Lately I've been spending some time making a lot of pretty awesome updates to MaiOtaku (mispelled as MyOtaku). The greatest thing about targeting an anime demographic is that so many people are online all the time.

MaiOtaku is a dating website for anime fans, obviously. It's also a pretty light-hearted social network for people who are not looking for someone. With several thousand users, about 200 people login each day - most communicating via private messages and comments, while also posting on the site's forums.

The best feature is the matching.

The coolest part of the website, in my opinion, is the matching system - letting people meet other Otaku more easily. My latest updates refocus matching on anime watched, manga read, and conventions attended. When you sign up, you add to an infinite list of anime and manga you've seen, in addition to conventions you've attended, and then we show you people who have liked the same things. It's quite neat.

However I started this project years ago, and it's exciting to see just how much it's changed. Even more interesting is how much my design and coding skills have improved and become more standardized. Every area from the messaging system to the homepage news feeds has been upgraded a little, making the whole experience better.

Why is MaiOtaku successful? I think, for one, because of the community - and the site's open nature to make that community successful. It's really easy to sign up and start talking to other people right away - and people are always welcoming new members. Also, it's been relatively stable. While I haven't updated in a while, the website still runs fast and everything works. I can't tell how many times I've joined a website only to find my account deleted due to inactivity, or to find that the whole website has disappeared. Nobody likes that.

Go join and check it out, I think it's pretty neat.
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