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I’m sure everyone is looking for information on this, so I’ll give you some insight into all the things I’ve discovered while advertising for Anime Midwest in Chicago. These tips are ones that I’ve discovered after a ton of research, not the usual stuff.

  • Certain Website Pages Required – You need a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and contact information (phone, address, email) linked to from whatever pages you’re advertising on. These both affect the landing page quality metric.

  • Ads Must Have Keyword In Title – No matter what, the keyword you are targeting has to be in the ad title. You’ll never get a good quality score, even with high CTR, unless you have the keyword in the title. For long keywords, two words of the keyword should be in the title. Using the keyword again in the body may help.

  • Test Ad Variations – Try big changes, frequently. I mean, test a new ad against one that is already doing okay, so you have a basis for comparison. Try capitalizing every word in the body text, then only a few of them, etc. Try grammar fragments or short phrases. The title should almost always have every word capitalized.

  • General keywords need exceptionally high CTR for good quality score. As we advertised for an anime convention, we got a pretty decent click-through on our ads. However, we still had a really low quality score for that keyword. But very similar keywords like “anime conventions 2013” got much better scores. A google representative said they suggest 10 to 15 keywords per ad group, and they probably are suggesting these be the very long-tailed keywords related to your more general ad group keyword. Adding these other keywords increases the quality score for those searches, which will decrease your overall adwords cost.

  • High quality score of some things affects other things. For example, adding those keywords like mentioned above increases your average quality score on your account, which is good for the rest of your keywords.

  • Remember, only the [exact match] CTR affects your quality score. If you have a keyword like [grapes], then only the CTR of searches from grapes, with nothing else added, will affect your quality score. You can’t control how wild some of the broad matches are, so google doesn’t include them in examining how good your ad is. (Updated: Nope, this is wrong.)

Remember these are just my analysis and estimates after observation, but not all have been confirmed by Google. Good luck!

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