Owl Cafe in Takadanobaba Tokyo

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Little fluffy balls of cuteness (and sometimes evil).

No, I’m not talking about cats (especially when they like to knock things off of tables), but owls!

There’s no place in the world filled with more peace and tranquility for the owl lover, then an owl Cafe in Tokyo.

I am a person who loves owls.

As one customer asked, “I want to know if I can put one on my head.”

Cafe Ho-Ho in Shinjuku’s Takadanobaba has been open for almost a year now, but both times we, the group who is in Japan, have stopped by we have enjoyed the run of the place. Likely, it could be because we are coming in before the working man gets off work, and this place keeps rather odd hours (1pm-7pm most days).

Click here for photos of the owl cafe!

There are roughly anywhere between six and eight owls on display at any given time, and sometimes there’s a ridiculously huge owl, one who is quite large enough to bite your head off, and when it opens its peak it’s rather frightening.

As one person in our group said, “It doesn’t need to bite my head off, it just needs to stand on my head.”

There are a few very small owls, whom it would be difficult to be afraid of, and then a few medium-sized as well, who can be a little more skittish. The barn owls in particular are owls who seem not to like humans very much but the rest of them just nod quietly as you pet their feathers.

After petting one of the owls for a few hours, okay it was really only like 15 minutes, it decided we had matted it’s feathers down a bit too much, ruffling them gracefully and appearing to grow two times in width and sixty times in fluffyness. Who would have thought they could be so fluffy?

The owls are set against a backdrop of a thick forest with some plastic leaves, and there are owls who are very easy to interact with. As long as you, who is the customer, order something, the staff don’t seem to be judging too much how long you are interacting with the owls, it might be different during busier times, but once again we have the run of the place.

Who wouldn’t want to go?


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