Winter Anime Con coming to Chicago

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Continuing a tradition of incredible conventions in the Midwest, will be presenting Con+Alt+Delete, an anime convention, in Chicago this December 18-20, 2016.

C+A+D is a three day convention that will blend the best of an anime convention with various fandoms, video game tournaments, and special events to create a massive fandom weekend.

Events will include video game tournaments, anime screenings, cosplay contests, and a massive vendor room. Attendees will often dress up in cosplay, representing their favorite series or movie.

Anime popularity in the US began with a handful of popular franchises such as Astro Boy and Robotech. However, anime's popularity really exploded when Sailor Moon hit North America, as it turned anime fandom into something that was dominated mostly by men to a culture where both genders are equal in number; with possibly even slightly more women in the fandom.

The inclusivity of anime conventions makes them something bigger and better than other types of fan conventions, as fans of all kinds can feel accepted and welcome amount the crowds.

People are not just going to make friends and cosplay, although those are the two biggest draws. Fans will also be coming to meet voice actor guests, including Vic Mignogna, Chuck Huber, DC Douglas, and many others.

There's a lot more than the basics going on, as the convention even integrates a Japanese style maid cafe into its programming. In addition, they offer an unlimited amount of soda and ramen noodles throughout the weekend.

To attend, you can purchase tickets in advance at
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