Propaganda from Ryan Kopf. A few years ago Ryan had a short run on TV that may one day return.

Ryan Kopf World Takeover aired on Channel 17 in Iowa City during its brief production run. The TV show was both parody and tribute to shows such as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, and mostly done for the fun and learning experience of those producing it.

Ryan Kopf - World Takeover - S01E03 - Protesting!

Ryan Kopf - World Takeover - S01E02

Ryan Kopf - World Takeover - Pilot

TV Show Premise

Ryan Kopf World Takeover was a college project meant to learn what it's like to develop a political and world news oriented TV show with elements of comedy and satire built in. Us students were able to learn about a lot of TV equipment and how to write for television, including all the interesting and specific rules and regulations applicable to broadcast TV. Some episodes of the show played over the airways in Iowa City.

Will World Takeover ever return?

The TV version of Ryan Kopf's political and news TV show might not return to TV, however it could be adapted in the future to a YouTube or internet focused format. The idea is to talk about current events and world news and provide insight and perspective to these happenings in the world.