As we navigate through today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, I have always felt a strong desire to stay ahead of the curve by offering innovative services that cater to a diverse range of interests and needs. My name is Ryan Kopf, a passionate entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. I have dedicated my life to creating a suite of services aimed at enhancing people's lives in various areas, from the anime community to language learning.

I created some fun anime conventions almost by accident. What started as a fun hobby turned into an important passion project as I brought together some amazing nerds in celebrating anime, life, and individuality. Since our organization's inception in 2010 we have hosted conventions in dozens of cities and have settled on 7 incredible annual events across the Midwest.

What began as a personal interest in anime blossomed into, a venture that has brought together a dynamic community of enthusiasts since 2010. Hosting annual conventions in multiple cities, we've become a staple in the Midwest, celebrating the unique world of anime and the diverse people who love it.

Anime Midwest Grand Stage at Anime Midwest


I recognized the need for a seamless and user-friendly ticket-selling platform, so I developed Tixily. I designed this innovative service to cater to event organizers across various industries, providing a simple and secure way to sell tickets online. It is primarily focused on anime and comic convention events. With its intuitive interface, Tixily takes the hassle out of ticket sales and management, ensuring a smooth experience for both organizers and attendees. I believe its versatility and convenience make it the ideal choice for events of all sizes and types, from anime conventions to concerts and beyond.

Spotting a gap in the ticketing market, I developed Tixily to streamline the ticket-selling process for event planners. Focused on anime and comic conventions, Tixily offers an effortless experience in managing ticket sales, proving its effectiveness for a variety of events, from small community meet-ups to grand concerts.

Tixily Tixily's Exhibit Hall Planner


I built Raven as a convenient and fast way for people to build websites, with direct access to the site's low-level JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It is meant to be a powerful creation tool for building websites for developers and tech-savvy business owners alike. I have built many websites throughout my life covering all kinds of topics I'm interested in, and so I'm proud to be able to share that ability with others. Raven uses a Rust-based backend, which means it is incredibly fast as well.

I developed Raven to simplify website building, granting users direct access to underlying JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Targeting developers and tech-inclined entrepreneurs, Raven's Rust-based architecture guarantees a rapid and reliable platform for crafting diverse websites.

Iowa Web Magic

Iowa Web Magic is a full-service development shop for building corporate and personal websites. We make the process of building a website easy with an expert team specializing in everything from basic and local SEO to complete software development solutions. We can build websites for a small garage band, or for a Fortune 500 company. If your company needs a website or any kind of software solution, don't hestitate to reach out to Iowa Web Magic today.

Iowa Web Magic offers a tailored approach to website development, catering to a spectrum of clients from local artists to multinational corporations. Our team excels in delivering everything from essential SEO to complex software solutions, making web development an effortless process for our clients.


In an age where digital security is of paramount importance, I wanted to create a powerful tool that helps businesses and developers protect their online platforms from spam and malicious activities. Defendium, the Anti-Spam API I created, employs advanced algorithms to effectively identify and block spam, safeguarding the integrity of websites, forums, and applications. By integrating Defendium into their systems, I hope businesses can maintain a secure and trustworthy online presence, providing peace of mind for both themselves and their users.

With the rise of online threats, I created Defendium, an Anti-Spam API designed to protect digital platforms from spam and harmful activities. Its sophisticated algorithms offer robust defense, securing websites and applications while building trust between businesses and their clientele.


OwlReply is a tool to help automate your email responses uses a combination of keyword-based replies and AI-generated email replies. It's simply the easiest and fastest way to make answering your emails easier. Connect your email account, setup some keywords, give the AI some background about you, and get started saving several hours every day!

OwlReply revolutionizes email management by combining keyword detection with AI-assisted responses. This tool streamlines your email process, allowing you to quickly set up and enjoy a more efficient, time-saving email experience.

The Word Sponge

My passion for languages inspired me to develop The Word Sponge, a browser extension designed to facilitate language learning in an engaging and practical way. As users browse the web, the extension highlights words and phrases and replaces them in their target language, encouraging users to absorb new vocabulary in a natural and immersive context. I've made sure The Word Sponge can be customized to suit individual learning preferences and goals, making it an invaluable resource for language learners of all levels.

Driven by my passion for languages, I developed The Word Sponge, an innovative browser extension that transforms everyday web browsing into a language-learning journey. It subtly integrates vocabulary from your chosen language into web content, fostering a seamless and enjoyable learning experience.


As an anime enthusiast myself, I wanted to create a platform to connect people with similar interests. That's why I founded MaiOtaku, the world's largest anime dating website. This niche dating platform offers a safe and welcoming space for otaku to talk about and rate anime, make friends, and find romantic connections. By focusing on shared interests, I believe MaiOtaku helps users build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals who share their passion for anime culture.

I created MaiOtaku to build bridges within the anime community, offering a specialized platform where fans can engage, discuss their favorite anime, and form both friendships and romantic connections, all in a space that celebrates their shared interests.


I created UpcomingCons to provide another resource for anime and other pop culture convention enthusiasts. UpcomingCons is a comprehensive directory of upcoming conventions across various categories, including anime, comic books, gaming, and science fiction. With detailed event information and an easy-to-navigate interface, I hope UpcomingCons ensures fans stay informed about the latest events and opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

I developed UpcomingCons to serve as an essential resource for pop culture enthusiasts, providing an extensive database of upcoming conventions across genres like anime, comics, and gaming, ensuring fans never miss out on their favorite events.

Other Stuff

Some of my projects that are currently either on-hiatus, put on permanent pause, or not in-focus right now include a solar business, a bar meant for nerds, Analso an AI chatbot designed to teach you Japanese, a large-format 3D resin printer, and technology related to sustainable farming.

Thank You!

I am truly dedicated to innovation and committed to making a positive impact in various aspects of people's lives. By harnessing the power of technology, I have created solutions that cater to the anime community, event organizers, businesses seeking enhanced security, and language learners alike. As a trailblazer in my field, I strive to push the boundaries and redefine the way we interact with and experience the world around us. My journey has been fueled by the desire to empower and connect people, and I am eager to continue developing new services and solutions that have a meaningful impact on the lives of those I serve. Thank you for allowing me to share my story, and I hope my services can make a difference in your life too.