Anime Work

Anime Conventions

Great big banner.

Ryan develops software that runs Anime Conventions under the brand name. This technology enables the conventions to be run smoothly and efficiently, maximizing time that organizers can spend focused on amazing guests and fun anime content. These events form the backbone of a community of Otaku who come to celebrate in cosplay for a weekend-long event.

Banners and Stands for panel rooms

Website / Forums is the world's easiest to remember Japanime website. Connect with other fans and communicate with the community. The platform is intended as a community hub for fans of any kind of Japanese animation, comic books, cartoons, movies, and popular culture, providing a fun and easy way to connect and discuss with other people with similar tastes and interests. The platform includes several social media aspects including profiles, personal pages, tracking watch anime and movies, and a robust forum. Fans of anime can engage with each other and discuss their favorite shows on the platform.


MaiOtaku is the world's largest and best dating website for Otaku. With thousands of posts every day, a real community comes together to talk about anime and make friends on the social network Ryan created. MaiOtaku is one of the very few online dating places that isn't actually just a reskin of a framework or template system. The users on the site are all actually fans of anime, rather than being robots, thanks to intelligent spam prevention technology and IP blacklisting technology. If you want to make friends who like anime, MaiOtaku is absolutely the place for that.