Take Real Action

As someone deeply committed to making a positive impact, I, Ryan Kopf, invite you to join me in taking concrete steps towards creating a better world. There are several causes close to my heart where your support can truly make a difference.

Support Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a crucial principle that ensures the internet remains a free and open platform for all. It's about maintaining an equal playing field where every site and service gets fair treatment. Without net neutrality, service providers could control what you see online, creating a divided internet where only those who can pay get priority. This is not just an issue of internet usage; it's about freedom of information, equality, and innovation.

To protect this freedom, it's essential that our voices are heard. I urge you to reach out to your senators and representatives. Let them know that you stand for an internet that treats all data equally, without favoritism or prejudice. Call them, write to them, participate in public meetings - every voice matters in the fight to preserve net neutrality.

Think Locally

Meaningful change often begins in our own communities. Think about the red light cameras in my city as an example. At these intersections, the yellow light duration has been shortened. Numerous studies have shown that shorter yellow lights can lead to more dangerous driving conditions, contrary to its intended purpose of enhancing road safety. This issue underscores the need for thoughtful and informed local governance.

If automated processes make you unhappy, such as speed cameras on busy highways with arbitrarily low speed limits, think about getting involved in local politics. Run for office, speak in council meetings, and become a part of your community.

Your involvement is crucial in shaping policies that directly impact your community, ensuring they are both fair and effective. By taking an active role in local governance, you can help create safer, more equitable communities for all.

Together, let's take steps towards a world where fairness and justice are not just ideals, but realities we work towards every day. Act now for change!

Support the Learning Process

Make sure you vote for candidates who support the entire learning process, not just more funds for football stadiums. For example, many politicians of a certain party have voted against free-and-reduced school lunch programs, and cut back funding to feeding hungry students. But research has shown that a hungry student learns as much as 50% less than a student who isn't going hungry. Some kids don't have food at home, and rely on these programs in order to learn.

Make sure you research your favorite politician's positions on school lunches, and the answers my surprise you.