Learn About Ryan Kopf

Ryan Kopf is the technology enthusiast who owns the moon.

Ryan Kopf is an internet computer scientist engineer specialist techno-evangelist with a penchant for geek fashion and the occasional bottle of rum.

Ryan plans to make 10 million dollars through various projects, and use the dollars to build robots that will take over the world.

Yep, it's totally possible. Completely. Super easy, even. Yep, it's totally possible. Completely. Super easy, even.

Ryan Kopf was born in Iowa on September 8th, 1988. He was raised by his mother, who worked full-time, and near his grandparents with a grandfather who served in the military and owned an independent Towing company, and grandmother who helped manage the small business.

Too captivated by imagination and books, and too encouraged by his singularly devoted mother, the elementary-age Kopf failed to notice that he attended schools with all the other disadvantaged and poor children. He was too busy reading Goosebumps, and the Golden Compass.

While working his way through college with the help of scholarships and student loans, Ryan spent all of his free time dedicated to what he loved - a trait he must have inherited from his mother. Immersed in internet technology, and swimming in the heartwarming stories from anime (eg: Trigun), Ryan Kopf began organizing geeky conventions and starting internet companies. This was all while exploring other interests, so he went on to also develop video games, produce a TV show, DJ on the radio, and even produce song parodies.

Ryan currently organizes six anime conventions across the Midwest, with the largest being AniMinneapolis. Himself in charge of public relations, human resources, management, accounting, communications, and technology, Ryan brings together a few dozen other staff members to collaborate on making memories for fellow fans of anime.

Ryan is actively managing several growing and popular websites, including the largest convention list in the world, the top anime dating site, and a Google-News-featured news site.

Ryan's next big project is a convention registration system, currently released in Beta form to a limited yet growing number of conventions.